Moving your household from its current area can be prompted by many factors. A new job offer, family or a change of scenery are just some of the reasons behind moving. Regardless of why you are moving from Cincinnati to Chicago, you need to employ a moving company to assist. To increase your chances of a favorable moving experience, research movers before you choose. Your relocation experience could hinge on the caliber of the moving company that you choose.

Cincinnati to Chicago Movers

Commitment to customer service is a primary factor that you should look for in a mover. One such indication of customer service commitment is a BBB Accredited business rating. A smart decision would also be to choose Cincinnati to Chicago movers that are an agent of a well-known van line. Some of the current, national van lines include Mayflower, United, Bekins, Allied Van Lines and United. To encourage excellence in service, the van lines provide annual awards to select agents. When considering your final picks for moving companies, be sure to read any customer reviews. Reading reviews on many different sources helps to ensure that you are getting reliable information.

Moving from Cincinnati to Chicago

Before you take the step of moving from Cincinnati to Chicago, you may want to consider some additional things. Thesepoints of interest can shed additional light on the area that you are considering moving to. The statistics below provides some comparison of your current living area to your prospective one.



Metro Area


Metro Area

Employed People (11/2015) 1,075,900 4,580,000
Average Civilian Hourly Wage (2009/2010) $21.37 $23.23
Change in Home Prices (2015 vs. 2005) +4.1% -12.0%
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal Housing Finance Agency Home Price Index