People can be given many reasons to pack up their home and move to a new area. A new life, family or employment needs are some of the more common relocation reasons. To help with the process of moving from Indianapolis to Chicago, you should consider using a professional moving company. Comparison research movers in your area before you decide on a moving company. The right moving professional can make all of the difference for your move satisfaction.

Indianapolis to Chicago Movers

Any moving company you employ should be committed to excellent customer service. One such commitment to customer service is a BBB Accredited business rating. A smart decision would also be to choose Indianapolis to Chicago movers that are an agent of a well-known van line. Some of the current, national van lines include Mayflower, United, Bekins, Allied Van Lines and United. To encourage a high level of customer service, the van lines provide annual awards to select agents. Reading customer reviews of the moving companies being considered is highly advised. If possible, read customer reviews from multiple sources to ensure impartiality of feedback.

Moving from Indianapolis to Chicago

Before undertaking the process of moving from Indianapolis to Chicago, you may want to consider some additional things. This information may help to provide you with data you will find useful when deciding on your relocation. The following data offers a comparison between your current and prospective living areas.



Metro Area


Metro Area

Employed People (11/2015) 1,020,200 4,580,000
Average Civilian Hourly Wage (Sep/Oct 2010) $18.73 $23.23
Change in Home Prices (2015 vs. 2005) +13.1% -12.0%
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal Housing Finance Agency Home Price Index