Here are answers to some questions about Sealy Optimum mattresses which may convince you to buy one for yourself:

Sealy Optimum Mattress Q&A

Q. What type of mattress is a Sealy Optimum mattress?
A. Sealy Optimum mattresses are made from multiple foam layers.

Q. What are the benefits of sleeping on a Sealy Optimum Mattress?
A. The top layer of a Sealy Optimum mattress contains a cooling gel foam, which is designed to regulate body temperature while providing optimal comfort while you sleep. The base layer is made with gel OptiCore™, a firmer higher-density gel foam which provides deep-down support. Most models also feature a layer of OptiSense Gel memory foam, which provides body hugging support for a more conforming sleep experience.

Q. Do Sealy Optimum mattresses have a latex option?
A. Yes, at the time of this writing there is a version of the mattress made with multiple layers containing latex.

Q. Can I put a Sealy Optimum mattress on an adjustable foundation?
A. Yes. Sealy also offers a line of adjustable mattress bases.

Q. What sizes of Sealy Optimum Mattresses are there?
A. Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King

Q. How tall are the Sealy Optimum Mattresses?
A. There is a standard 9 inch tall box spring option, as well as a 5 inch foundation option. You will need to specify with the seller which option you prefer.

Q. Where are Sealy Optimum mattresses built?
A. Sealy Optimum mattresses are built in the U.S.A.

Q. What is the warranty on a Sealy Optimum mattress?
A. At the time of this writing, Sealy Optimum mattresses have a 10 year limited warranty.

Q. Where can I buy a Sealy Optimum mattress?