The mattress foundation serves an important role in the bedroom - to provide support for the mattress, which in turn provides a level of support to the person lying on the bed. There are different types of mattress foundations that offer different types of benefits.

Standard Mattress Box Spring

Most people are familiar with the standard box spring. Depending on the manufacturer, it can vary by height, but is typically about 9" tall. Most people opt to purchase the standard box spring when they purchase a mattress set.

Low Profile Mattress Box Spring

For some people, the standard box spring puts the edge of the mattress too high off of the ground - making it difficult to get in and out of bed. For these types of situations, there are low-profile box springs. A low profile mattress box spring is much lower in height (often 5.5") - which can either lower the height of a mattress set, or offset the added height of thicker, pillow-top mattress that contain extra inches of padding.

Split Box Spring

While many mattresses come with a one-piece box spring, extra large mattresses (i.e. King, California King) come with a split box spring - 2 smaller individual box springs. Mattress retailers can also sell you a split box spring for a queen mattress on request. Why go with a split box set? Convenience. Depending on your living arrangement, it can easier to move two smaller box springs in and out of doorways (compared to a larger single box spring).

Adjustable Mattress Foundation

One of the benefits of memory foam-based mattresses are there flexibility. When a flexible mattress sits on an adjustable foundation, it can be bent to suit the comfort needs of the individual (i.e. sitting up in bed to read or watch television). These types of foundations are electric and can be positioned by remote control for convenience.

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